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Can parenthood prepare you for entrepreneurship?

Of all the experiences I’ve had over the course of my life…perhaps the thing that’s prepared me most for entrepreneurship is parenting: being ultra efficient due to time constraints, taking negative feedback better (some would say that wasn't hard given the starting point), being ultra-aware of your environment, modeling how your kid questions e


Five ways to gain knowledge

Great idea!
You are smart. You’ve got a fancy degree. You have 15+ years’ experience. You have direct reports. You took an executive education course last year. You read the news. You read trade publications. You read blogs. You are on Twitter. Are you up to date on every possible industry twist? Not sure?

The Future of Internet Use

Whatever you think the future holds, you are most likely wrong. [...] If somebody were to ask you: what does the future of Internet use look like, would you be excited and immediately produce a lot of data backed up by clever analysis? Would you stop short of that, paralyzed by the question?


Why interning for a tech startup can change your finance career

“Yegii is an educational platform for young people where they can show both their passion and their insight regardless of the school they went to” says Daniel Kim, who interned at Yegii, the insight network, over the summer, “what we’re trying to do is find information above the noise”.