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Yegii's proprietary algorithms can predict the quality of any URL, with special focus on books, reports or articles.
What is the Yegii
The Yegii () score is a credibility measure for web content on a 100 point scale. The more reliable the content, the higher the score.

What type of content does Yegii score?
The score is unique to specific content (a book, an article, an event or an expert) and not entire web domains/websites.
Who does the scoring?
Yegii is a man-machine based rating system. Our algorithms predict the score and our subject matter experts and editors validate them using powerful analytics.
How is the score calculated?
The Yegii Index is based on four components: publisher (30%), content (30%), author (30%), and yegii editor ratings (10%). Each of these components is assessed on multiple criteria.
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